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Batch Ovens

If flexibility, reliability, and efficiency are what you are looking for, then a GAT Batch Oven is the perfect fit for you. GAT batch ovens feature 4” thick, 4# mineral wool batt insulated 18 gauge oven panels, utilizing their own tongue and groove design along with their patented isolator spreader clip and stiffener channel construction, GAT batch oven panels have 40% fewer seams and no hot spots.
GAT Batch ovens are suitable for wet paint or powder coat paint applications and have a maximum operating temperature of 500 deg. F

All GAT Batch Ovens are are pre-fired and tested at the factory prior to shipment and come with insulated stack packages up to 20 feet long. Standard delivery is 6-8 weeks but expedited builds are available for those on tight schedules. GAT batch ovens come in eighteen standard sizes and you can order your oven in many different configurations. Standard batch ovens options include;

6’x6’, 8’x8’, 10’x10’ by 10’ deep up to 30’ deep configurations standard
Single Set of Doors or Doors on Both Ends
Conveyor Slots Floor Options -Insulated Floor-12 Ga. Steel floor-No Floor- Insulated Floor with Cart Slots
208v 75 amps- 208v-480v 60 amps-460-480v- 30 amps 3phase. Propane or Natural Gas fired
Powder Coating Ovens - G.A.T. Batch Ovens

GAT Ovens


Inline Ovens

GAT ovens move higher volumes of air for rapid heat transfer to the product with minimal stratification due to our "Bottom Up" air flow design. The insulating capabilities of extra-heavy No. 18 gauge galvanized steel, combined with our patented air seal design, substantially improves curing efficiencies. All oven components arrive on the job site ready for erection, thus eliminating costly time delays due to field manufacturing of panels, duct work and oven heater assemblies. Cooling tunnels are available for applications that demand quick cooling & curing. Filtered plant or outside air is delivered through a balanced air flow tunnel construction. Oven exit fans exhaust processed air to the outside or back to the plant environment for a modified make-up air design.
Choose from a range of GAT commercial ovens:

• Three Zone Baking
• Combination Dry-off / Cure
• Double Deck Oven
• Side or Bottom Entry Oven
• Roof Mounted Oven
• IR Ovens
• Industrial Curing Ovens
• Combination Convection / Infrared

GAT Ovens

ACE Burn Off Ovens

Burn Off Ovens

Ace Burn Off Oven Slocum Equipment is please to offer the ACE Oven line for you Burn off oven needs. ACE Burn-OFF Ovens efficiently burn off varnish, epoxy, paint, grease, oil, rubber and other combustible materials from metals and are made right here in the USA. The ACE Burn OFF Oven System is the industrial oven of choice by companies worldwide and designed to efficiently remove: varnish epoxy paint grease oil rubber or other combustible materials from metals The ACE Oven System will also de-bond brake shoes and clutch plates. Parts are loaded on a wheel-in cart and heated to 650° - 800° F (340° - 427° C) in an oxygen deficient atmosphere where the combustible hydrocarbons decompose. Parts leave the oven completely dry and ash residue is easily removed.
Powder Coating Ovens - ACE Burn Off Ovens
ACE Hybrid Heating Design
The oven system consists of a radiant tube, which directs the radiant energy upward. The radiant tube is located under the oven cart. It is positioned in the center of the oven and extends from the back wall to oven door. A gas burner fires directly into the length of the Radiant Tube. Convection heat evenly comes out the numerous holes on the left and right side along the entire length of the Radiant Tube. Radiant energy is also evenly emitted along the entire length of the Radiant Tube. The radiant tube is then mounted to the adapter tube.
Powder Coating Ovens - ACE Hybrid Heating Design
The superior heating efficiency of Ace's new Model RT Radiant Tube Burn-off Ovens just begins with a 50% improvement in rapid heat-up and cool-down resulting in shorter cycle times, 20% fuel savings and +/- 10° F heat uniformity. As a ball park figure, solely convection heated ovens only have the ability to generate up to 65% thermal energy efficiency. We offer much more than a solely convection heated oven. Burn-off ovens heated solely by convection, like an incinerator, are subject to serious drawbacks, including a relatively low rate of heat transfer, as well as an inherent requirement for air movement. Solely convection heated ovens result in still further drawbacks attributable to uneven heating. The load is heated non-uniformly, resulting in damaged parts, while uneven heating also produces cold spots in the oven enclosure (generally by the floor near the front door). Some manufacturers require a second thermocouple positioned in the cool spot to assure the parts are uniformly heated, lengthening the heat cycle time, to suit the weight of the load before the end of the heat cycle. Count on ACE’s convection plus radiant energy design to achieve maximum heat transfer without any cold or hot spots and have the ultimate in energy savings break through heat transfer technology ever designed.

Features of the ACE Radiant Tube Burn Off Systems
One Touch Control (OTC), Radiant Tube/Convection Heating Design, Runaway Fire Prevention Primary and Secondary Systems Design, Significant Fuel Economy, High Fire Afterburner, Exhaust Stack Construction, Pressure Relief Door, Wall Construction, Heavy Duty Cart, Optional Ash Removal System.

How ACE Radiant Heat Cleaning Ovens Work The OTC will not turn off the burners until there are no combustible materials remaining on the oven load. When the load is done, the oven is automatically turned off by the OTC. OTC continuously monitors the heat-up rate of the oven chamber. If it heats up too rapidly, indicating excessive combustible vapor, the load is cooled by the water spray system or oven burner goes to low-fire until the heat-up rate is acceptable. The system starts working immediately after the process starts. Thus, controls are automatically set for much faster processing time.

ACE Burn Off Ovens


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